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    Face The Fear Podcast – Cash Value Life Insurance with Thomas Losher and Austin Ash

    Thomas Losher and Austin Ash are two innovative experts in the cash value life insurance space and young leaders within their organization. From growing up together as kids in Fort Wayne, IN to pioneering the future of insurance as colleagues, Thomas and Austin have developed a steadfast friendship centered on challenging one another to become their best selves. In this episode, they share their unique perspective on the value of life insurance and its importance in an overall financial plan for people of all ages.  

    We cover topics like: 

    • What exactly is cash value life insurance? How does it work and why would someone want to consider it as a part of their financial plan? 
    • Are there downsides to having cash value life insurance? 
    • Can you access funds in a cash value life insurance policy? What does that look like, and how does it affect the policy long-term?  
    • What is tax diversification and why is it important, specifically as it applies to our generation – Millennials and Gen Z? 

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    P.S. Kaitlyn Duchien, Austin Ash, and Thomas Losher are registered representatives of First Palladium, LLC, Member FINRA and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ash Brokerage, LLC. Supervising office located at 888 S. Harrison Street, Suite 900, Fort Wayne, IN 46802. 800-589-3000. Content provided is for informational use only and is not to be constituted as financial advice.