Face The Fear Podcast – Disability Insurance with Meghan Cormany

Welcome Back to Face The Fear Podcast: Season 2! We have missed you!

In this episode, we are joined by Meghan Cormany, a Disability Insurance (DI) Sales Development Specialist at Ash Brokerage (and just a fabulous human being overall). Meghan builds on our previous DI podcast with Tim Kukieza by answering questions such as:

  • Why should a Millennial consider having Disability Insurance (DI)? When is the best time to purchase coverage?
  • How can someone choose the right DI coverage for them?
  • Are there certain occupations that claim DI benefits more than others?
  • Does DI cover loss of work due to depression, stress, or other mental health issues?
  • If I pay for DI and never claim benefits, do I lose all of the premiums I paid? (The answer may surprise you!)

Questions? Email us at facethefearfw@gmail.com!

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